Switch it up.

We recently said goodbye to our old dining table.  She had served us well over the past few years but recently it became obvious that we were starting to outgrow her (yeah it was a girl).  When we first lived together during our free-wheeling pre-baby days D and I didn’t even own a table, we liked sitting on the sofa to eat.  When the first baby came along so did the need to “grow up” and find a surface to put some food on.  At the time a round table was the perfect choice because of the lack of space.  We lived in a two bedroom apartment, with an open concept living room/kitchen/REALLY tiny dining area.  Actually it was just open, I don’t know if there was any concept.

When the second baby came we moved into our current apartment.  It’s a four bedroom with a big SEPARATE kitchen, and now that we actually have the room for a larger table we opted for a rectangular one.  After looking and debating and vetoing numerous tables, we found this Danish teak beauty on craigslist and the seller was so cool.  He threw in six chairs he had for free.

The chairs are teak too, but someone decided to throw horrible black paint on all that lovely wood, so that’ll be an upcoming project.  Yay! hours of stripping and sanding! Ugh

I still don’t know if I’ll keep the chairs after I strip them.  I love the mismatched look of a wood table with plastic or metal chairs.  When I get the paint off and oil them up, we’ll see.  I’m inspired by this:

You see where I’m going? Right?

via net-vignette.com, designyoutrust.com, Desiretoinspire

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