So I went thrifting and found this vintage fox fur, after being inspired by Julia..

and Caroline..

and this editorial..

and this beauty(who’s name I don’t know)..

It was only an unbelievable 60 bucks, so I was excited when I eyed it’s fluffiness among the racks of sad and lonely furs.  I just love when my desire for something and utter cheapness combine.  It’s also ridiculously warm, which if you’ve ever experienced a Montreal winter is a MAJOR benefit.  No -30 wind is penetrating this baby.

The only issue is that i’m not so sure about keeping the collar the way it is.  I’m considering having it restyled depending on how much it’ll cost me.  I love the collarless look of all of the others.  It’s more modern; and I also want to shorten the sleeves to a 3/4 length.  What do you guys think?  Should I leave it as is, or go for it?

Via Carolines Mode, TFS, Jak&Jil

4 thoughts on “FOXY

    • Hey Sy!That’s true lol. Can’t sacrifice warmth although I thought I could solve that problem with some long leather gloves… The collar is definitely going though.

    • You could also add a knit type long cuff at the end of the 3/4 fur sleeve. Just make sure the knit starts just below the elbow. It will give that full shoulder look with sleek forarms plus you keep the warmth.

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