Bonne Année!

Okay, so now that all the holiday craziness is over, I can focus on some projects I’ve been meaning to complete for a while.  I’m not one to really make any hardcore resolutions, but I think its good to have realistic goals to keep you on the path to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.  In my case one of the things is to finish my dressing room and the office here at home.  Nothing crazy, just install shelving, find some art I love, and generally organize the spaces.  I also want to try to read more.  I used to be a voracious reader.  Devouring a few books a week and spending countless hours at bookstores.  Now with two toddlers, I know that this is not possible obviously, but I want to get back to some of that because it’s vital to keep doing the things you love.  There are other goals of course, but most importantly I need to stop and enjoy what is already going on in my life.  Unplug from the virtual world for awhile.  Time passes by so quickly that I feel like I’ve missed moments and the making of memories.

As we go into another year, what are some of the new goals you hope to accomplish, or are there existing things you want to improve on?  While you’re thinking on that, here are some interiors shot by photographer Hallie Burton that I think are really inspiring.

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