Beauty Obsessions

I normally don’t talk about beauty stuff, but I had to share.  I just bought this new cream from The Skin Authority and it has made my skin super smooth.  It’s a powerful exfoliant that fades away any blemishes and stretch marks thanks to the 20% glycolic acid.  I thought it was going to irritate my skin, but it’s gentle and thankfully odourless, PLUS the glycolic acid increases the absorption of my regular body lotion(Biotherm=LOVE).  I have super dry skin and winter just makes it 10 times worse, so this has really been a miracle product.  I want to try their face stuff next…

Also after throwing on whatever was around on my face (baby lotion, nothing), I’ve started using these two religiously every night…

…and I have to say, my face feels human again.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Obsessions

    • Hi Niki,

      I will definitely post a review of the face lotion when I try it. This product was a little pricy but very effective, so I’m thinking that the face lotion will work wonderfully.

      Stay tuned; )

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