A Canadian icon.

I’ve wanted a Hudson’s Bay point blanket forever.  They are after all super warm and cozy, which is perfect  for these brutal canadian winters.  Now that I’m seeing them redefined in such a modern way, I want one even more…

The Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket might be the oldest and most identifiable Canadian tradition. They were originally created in 1780 for fur trappers, traders and the native indians to survive outdoors in frigid Canadian winters. The point system is in place to rate the warmth and size of the blanket. Today the points refer to twin (two points), double (four points), queen size (six points) and king size (eight points).

These blankets are such high quality and so highly valued that they are often handed down through families and found for hundreds of dollars in thrift stores.  The iconic blanket with stripes of green, red, yellow and indigo were known as “chief’s blankets” or multistripes and were introduced around 1800.  I love how they add a rustic yet refined look to a bedroom.



1-manhattan nest

2-elle decor

3- photography by ngoc minh ngo for a small one-bedroom apartment made big by barbara king for house beautiful}


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