Keeping it simple.

Sometimes I wish I could just walk in to my soon to be organized dressing room and find a perfect outfit for every occasion.  Everything would be tailor-made, be of excellent quality and on trend, and last but not least, it would all consist of 15 pieces of clothing.

Yeah I know, there’s no way this could all be achieved unless some MAAAAJOR planning were involved, and a hell of a lot of inspiration.  I mean how can 10 items conjure up all the looks I need to convey whatever mood I’m in? right?   Sometimes I look at all the clothes I have and think, why?  I always wear a variation on the same outfit every week, so why not pare things down?  Why not purchase the best you can afford of the your weekly staples and work around that.

With that in mind, the editors at Shopbop have given us their version of the ultimate closet for spring…

…and the simplicity of it makes me want to burn everything in my closet.

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