No boys allowed.

We moved into our apartment like seven months ago, and I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything to organize my “cave”. Of course having a new baby had something to do with this delay, but now I think it’s time. Take a look at its current state as catch-all for crap.

This is the closet ugh. It’s like a black hole. I can’t find anything…

…and the rest of the room

You can’t tell from these crappy photos but the space is approximately 130 square feet, so I think there will be enough room for its next incarnation as a walk-in closet/office/hiding place from my kids. Anyway stay tuned, until then here is some prettiness to counteract the ugliness…


Olivia Wilde

Pretty ideal actually.

Kimora Lee

Olivia Palermo


Minus the Barbie pink overload, creepy mannequin and general tackiness. Geez maybe I just like the shoes.


Jessica Alba actually smiling.

Nicole Richie

I would raid this one if I were the size of a garden gnome.

And my favorite…

Jenna Lyons’ ubiquitous piece of perfection.

Now all I need is a fireplace and a gazillion dollars.

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