You want me to wear what?!

Three weeks ago I saw an orthopaedic surgeon because my feet are killing me, and it’s affecting my back and thus my ability to do anything.  I thought I might have to have surgery but she suggested a more cautious course of action, and told me to buy some Birkenstocks.  I looked at her like, Uh yeeahhh there’s no way in hell that’s happening.  She looked at me like, listen hard head, once you try them you’ll see.  Fast forward two hours later as I limped home from picking up my boys at the daycare, I began to reconsider what I had thought were some ugly ass shoes.  Maybe because I had previously seen Birkenstocks on the sock covered feet of my creepy ex-landlord Zion, I never thought they could be cool, or chic or whatever is the opposite of my creepy ex-landlord Zion.

After some perusing of a million fashion blogs showing a teenage Kate Moss with ciggy in hand and Birkies on slender feet, I still have my doubts.  I mean let’s be honest, they look good because it’s Kate Moss.  In any case, I’ll give them a try because my feet and back are demanding it (even though they’re bulky and only look amazing on the 1% of us that are supermodels with a size 6 foot).

So not Zion…

IMG_8131 20130725-225656 camilleovertherainbow birkenstock Photo-2-08-13-7-22-01-PM

These blue ones are pretty




The ubiquitous Arizonas are really the only style I like.  Of course I can’t find this particular leather insole covered version anywhere…





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This & That

A few things I picked up for the summer we’re NOT having here in Montreal…IMG_2961 IMG_2973 IMG_2983 IMG_3008


Sandals from Zara that I had a mini wedge added to (I can’t do a really flat sandal.  It hurts like hell after 2 secs…).  Some baubles from Forever 21, and  a t-shirt from 3.1 Phillip Lim (Love his Grunge Collection and just had to have a piece ; )